Where Dispute and Resolution Meet


What Is Mediation?

Mediation is where to settle your dispute on your terms, on your timetable, based on what matters most to you. It’s a confidential process by which the mediator helps people in conflict identify the problems, understand the needs and interests of all, and craft a mutually agreeable solution. More »


Why Mediate?

Mediation allows parties to take control of their dispute, reduce their costs and delay, and reach a mutually satisfying agreement. It helps people find a result that is practical, prompt, and predictable – you won’t get that in court. More »


An Effective Solution

The vast majority of cases engaged in mediation settle there, or shortly thereafter. From divorces, to neighborhood and family disputes, to construction, real estate purchases, or business disputes, people have settled on their own terms in mediation for decades. More »

About Brian Purtill

Brian Purtill is a natural-born mediator. His thirty years of civil litigation focused not just on trying cases in the courtroom, but on seeking resolution out of court wherever possible. For the past twenty years, he’s also been at his best as a mediator, helping others find their own best solutions. More »


. . . . Brian Purtill settled an emotionally charged family trust dispute . . . [involving] decades-old family hurts. [He] actively listened to each side’s sincere (non-legal) grievances, and kept us on track . . . . [His] low key manner was well-tailored to our high conflict case.
Neil J. Moran, Esq. The Freitas Law Firm, LLP San Rafael, CA